QLNG’s 4000-cbm ATB completes sea trials

Nov 16, 2020

QLNG’s 4000-cbm ATB completes sea trials

Quality Liquefied Natural Gas Transport (QLNG) said its newly built 4000-cbm LNG articulated tug and Barge has completed sea trials.

Courtesy of QLNG

The vessel was built by VT Halter Marine yard and is currently underway for Elba Island Georgia where she will load LNG, completing a series of proving trials.

The vessel is the first ATB to attain a DPS-1+ notation from the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS).

DPS-1+ notation requires certain equipment, software, simulations, and studies to be conducted to show the vessel’s capability to hold in a location utilizing reference points for vessel positioning. This rigorous review allows the vessel to operate without additional support in close proximity to other vessels.

The Q4000’s DPS-1+ notation adds flexibility to deliver LNG fuel in open water and other conditions not accessible to vessels without this notation.

Upon successful gas proving trials, the Q4000 will be delivered to Shell Trading (US) Company on a long-term time charter.

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