Piriou unveils new cable laying vessel

Nov 28, 2020

Piriou unveils new cable laying vessel

Piriou in France has developed a new cable laying vessel, designed to lay and repair both fiber-optic and power cables.

The vessel will lay cables on windfarms as well as repair damaged cables on the continental shelf or deep sea.

Piriou said that this new design fits its strategy to make maintenance operations easier, optimise operating costs and answer safety and environmental issues.

To remind, the company recently introduced a crew transfer vessel for the offshore wind industry with hydrogen hybrid propulsion system.

The vessel design and development comes entirely from the Piriou Ingenierie teams in Concarneau France.

Vincent Faujour, Piriou Group CEO says: “This project represents one year of intense teamwork for Piriou Ingenierie design department. The result reflects their commitment and allows us to widen our product range with the cable vessels segment.”

Piriou claims that due to the vessel’s optimised hull, it will burn less than 10t of fuel per day in transit at 12.5 kn. It is also already compliant with the IMO III regulation.

The propulsion design was also especially developed for this vessel in order to optimise fuel consumption.

The cable layer houses two storage tanks, able to handle up to 1,000 tonnes cables. One of them also comes fitted with a carousel to deploy power cables.

The ROV room, integrated in the superstructures, makes a weather protection for the ROV and allows deployment in good safety conditions.

The vessel is 100 metres long, with 18 metres breadth and accommodation for some 75 persons.

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