Minerva, Hafnia complete 1st bunker delivery using new platform

Nov 25, 2020

Minerva, Hafnia complete 1st bunker delivery using new platform

Switzerland-based marine fuel logistics company Minerva Bunkering and Singapore-based tanker company Hafnia have completed the first-ever bunker delivery conducted entirely over Minerva’s new Advanced Delivery Platform (ADP).

As explained, the platform provides real-time details of bunkering operations including quality of fuel delivered, operational timelines, and quantity received as per mass flow meter profiles.

Onboard documentation is conducted entirely digitally on both supplying and receiving vessels via the networked application, resulting in hours of saved time and reduced human error from manual entries. Back-end integration with customer software systems is supported via API to enable streamlined invoicing and business intelligence, according to Minerva Bunkering.

Furthermore, the platform’s audit functionality is said to provide ‘complete transparency’ into every barrel of fuel loaded onto and discharged from the supply vessel utilized in each customer delivery.

“We are very excited to introduce the ADP as it offers …. transparency and efficiency, and represents a solution to some of the most significant challenges shipowners face when buying bunker fuel,” Tyler Baron, Minerva CEO, commented.

Minerva intends to launch commercial service of the ADP in early 2021 covering the ARA, Fujairah, and Singapore markets. Hafnia collaborated with Minerva on critical design elements of the ADP and has entered into a supply agreement with Minerva pertaining to these ports.

“We have been vocal about wanting to see this sort of technology and process applied to other major ports in addition to Singapore. A supplier has stepped up to the task, and we are here to support it as promised. It is a big step towards more efficient operations for the industry-at-large, and will certainly be positive for vessel operations in these ports,” Peter Martin Grünwaldt, Hafnia’s Vice President of Bunker Procurement, said.

Emerson Automated Solutions also worked closely with Minerva on elements of the ADP’s passive design compatibility with mass flow meter equipment.

“The ADP is one of a kind innovative technology that harnesses the precision of Coriolis mass flow meter measurements to provide customers valuable insights into their bunker deliveries,” Daniel Kemp, Business Development Manager with Emerson’s marine business, said.

Minerva markets and physically supplies fuel and lubricants to ships in port and at sea. The company procures product in bulk from diverse sources and delivers to customers across all major commercial shipping sectors including containerships, dry bulk carriers, cruise ships, tankers, and ferries.

Earlier this year, Minerva Bunkering obtained a bunker supplier licence from the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), increasing the supply of marine fuel compliant with IMO 2020 regulations in the Singapore bunker market.

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