Hyundai LNG Shipping’s LPG carrier gets CS Ready notation

Sep 21, 2020

Hyundai LNG Shipping’s LPG carrier gets CS Ready notation

The Korean Register has issued the world’s first Cyber Security (CS Ready) class notation for Hyundai Heavy Industries’ very large liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) carrier.

Courtesy of Korean Register

Hyundai LNG Shipping is the owner of the very large LPG carrier built by HHI which is scheduled for delivery later this month. K

R granted the notation after completing document and field inspections, which included Kongsberg Maritime’s ship alarm and monitoring system (AMS) and Hyundai Global Service’s Integrated Smart ship Solution (ISS), KR said in its statement.

This is the first time the KR cybersecurity notation has been awarded to a very large LPG carrier. The notation is issued to newbuilding ships that have successfully passed 49 inspection items in a total of 12 categories, including risk and asset management, cyber incident response and recovery.

The four companies have been collaborating on joint research and developments for the past eight months while working to apply and verify KR’s Cybersecurity Rules for newbuilding ships.

HHI and KSOE have built a cybersecurity network encompassing the main systems, conducting risk assessment and vulnerability diagnosis for cybersecurity threats and KR has carried out and completed cybersecurity inspections across the network.

As part of the comprehensive technological testing, KR conducted its first MITRE ATT&CK based penetration test to verify the safety of the cybersecurity system.

Newbuilding vessels increasingly need cybersecurity notation as the application of digital technologies such as advanced automation and integrated control systems become more common. In addition, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) is expected to strengthen its demands for cybersecurity risk management as of 2021.

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